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Planning the Roof Build

Thurs 18th / Fri 19th July – Planning the Roof Build


Planning day today. Tony is not on site so I spent the day cleaning up and planning the roof build. Although the roof panels come in sizes that are manually handleable I have been thinking of putting together a set of panels (probably 4) and gluing and screwing them together with the locator beams in place making a large panel (2440 mm x 4441 mm) which can be lifted into place by the crane. David had a good idea, screw temporary location pieces into place to locate the panel into the right place.



More clearing up and chasing suppliers.

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Selecting an Architect

Selecting an Architect

Initial Contact: Selecting an Architect

To kick off the design phase I contacted three English speaking architectural firms based in France with the following message.

“I have recently purchased a small building plot (1600 m2) in the village of Villefranche de Lonchat. The plot has building permission but I will need to obtain planning consent. Is that something that you could help with? I envisage building a small eco friendly bungalow for my twilight years. If possible please let me know costs and timescales. If you need further information please let me know what you need.”

My Criteria for Selecting an Architect

Service Description Architect A Architect B Architect C
Verification of current planning regulations for the property Y Y Not explicit
Dimensional survey if necessary Y Y Not explicit
Design and layout of the project Y Y Not explicit
All relevant plans required for the application: floor plans, elevations, sections, site plan, etc Y Y Not explicit
Advice on thermal regulations and arrange thermal report (obligatory since 2012) and attach the attestation to the planning dossier Y Y Not explicit
Verification of private drainage system (septic tank, etc) if applicable, and arrange a certificate of approval where any  new system is required. Y Y Not explicit
Completion of all application forms and associated tax forms. Y Not explicit Not explicit
Submission of the complete dossier to the authorities and follow through to outcome, dealing with any queries along the way Y Y Not explicit
Delivery of planning approval Y Y Not explicit
Post-approval information and advice, and if required, completion of various declarations – opening and closing of works, tax declarations, post-completion of works thermal certification, etc. Y Not explicit Not explicit
Cost 2690 13750 3000
References taken up Yes, excellent Yes No

Final Decision

The contract for the design and planning consent work was awarded to SARL French Plans, Architect A. On the whole they have been very helpful and patient with me.

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