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Taking you through the process of completing the interior build of the house.

Mon 26th & Fri 30th August - Another Box Ticked

Mon 26th & Fri 30th August – Another Box Ticked

Monday - Internal Walls - En-suite Bathroom

The final panels for the en-suite bathroom are in place; the internal walls are now complete.

Friday - More Roof Panels

Onto the last stretch of the main structural build. Three more sections added to the roof. As you can see in the gallery below there are two roof panels joined together to form a section before being lifted by crane and fixed on the build.


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Tue 13th & Fri 16th August – Bathroom / Bedroom Two

Internal Walls - Bathroom & Second Bedroom

With Tony working on his own, it made more sense to make progress on the remaining internal walls. There were a couple of issues matching the design plans and the actual alignment of the second bedroom wall.u00a0 These were addressed and all but the bathroom upper panels are now in place.


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Tue 23rd / Wed 24th July - Bathroom Walls

Tue 23rd / Wed 24th July – Bathroom Walls

Internal Walls - Bathroom & En-Suite

The weather is beautiful at the moment with air temperatures in the mid-late 30’s. However, working in the direct heat of 40u00b0C + is neither comfortable nor advisable so we restricted our work on Tuesday and Wednesday to the mornings only.u00a0

This still gave us sufficient time to build the internal wall separating the bathroom / second bedroom and the wall for the en-suite bathroom in the main bedroom.

Late Afternoon Temperature on Dave's Patio Reaching 48u00b0C


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Tuesday 9th July - Mind your Head

Tuesday 9th July – Mind Your Head

It Was A Long Way Up There

Internal wall 1 completed but with issues. All edges are plumb and square but we have a difference in the panel height on the left hand side of the main lintel. Looks like the panel has not been manufactured to size or the drawings are wrong again. I will investigate further but again it is taking more time.

Looking at the height of the internal walls I am thinking we may be able to get another bedroom into the ceiling space sometime in the future. I had been thinking that previously but wanted to see how the building turned out before going down that road.


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Monday 8th July - Back to Work - Internal Walls

Monday 8th July – Back to Work – Internal Walls

Working at Height

First day back after the mini holiday.

While we wait for the north wall fix to be delivered we crack on with putting up the first internal wall. This is the main internal wall supporting the pearlings and ridge beam which in turn will support the roof.

Luckily temperatures are not as high as before the holiday but still in the 30Cs.

We are now working on ‘bandstands’ to enable us to get the higher panels into place. We are having to be careful especially when we are both on the bandstands. By erecting this wall we will be giving the building more strength.

I found a poorly manufactured panel in the stack of internal wall panels. We should be able to get around the issue but it will take more time.


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