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My slightly more generic ramblings (although I hope not a sign of insanity) as I progress through this self-build project.

Planning the Roof Build

Thurs 18th / Fri 19th July – Planning the Roof Build


Planning day today. Tony is not on site so I spent the day cleaning up and planning the roof build. Although the roof panels come in sizes that are manually handleable I have been thinking of putting together a set of panels (probably 4) and gluing and screwing them together with the locator beams in place making a large panel (2440 mm x 4441 mm) which can be lifted into place by the crane. David had a good idea, screw temporary location pieces into place to locate the panel into the right place.



More clearing up and chasing suppliers.

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46C too hot to work

Thursday 27th June – Too Hot To Handle

Time for a Break

This is the day before Tony goes on holiday to Spain and I will go back to the UK for a week.

We need to make the house secure and stable in case of high winds so we spent the morning bracing the walls and putting the lintels in place with very large screws.

By noon the temperature was up around 40C (104F) so we stopped work for a week.

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Friday 21st June – No Window to View the Rain

Where's the Bathroom Window?

Rain today so we decided to clear up the site.

However we discovered an issue again with the drawings. The drawings again didn’t tie up with the original architects drawing and we now have a bathroom window with an internal wall half way through it.

In the picture below the left most panel with the notch out of the top left corner is 491 mm too wide and will need to be cut back and two new panels manufactured to fill the gap at the left hand end. Very frustrating.

Groundwork - Opportunity to Tidy

As it was raining today we decided to do some clearing up. The big pile of garden rubbish that was the product of clearing the site of many years worth of brambles has been moved to the back of the site to be left to rot down. That should cheer up the neighbours.

The mound will be covered in earth an allowed to go back to nature.


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finished slab

14th June 2019 – We Are Up And Running Again

I arrived back in France last night ready to get going again on the house build. Tony has finished the slab despite being held up by atrocious weather over the past 3 weeks. The site is still looking very wet and boggy but hopefully we will get some sun over the next few days.

We are expecting another delivery of house panels tomorrow morning. Just need to get a space sorted out with pallets to stack the panels, we are ready for the delivery.

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The pond in the rain

Friday 17th May – Rain Stopped Play

Rain stopped play today. It was too wet to work we would have gotten soaked to the skin so we found other things to do. Things like finding a good wood supplier for the veranda planking, veranda support beams etc

Tony arrived at 9am we had a cup of tea and decided that it was too wet to do anything so he went home again.

Found out yesterday that the 2nd load from house supplier is not arriving this weekend. Was also told that it would need a further trips, so 3 in all. Spoke to the house supplier who said he would email with confirmation tomorrow.

Need to find out when the roof will be delivered

wet site 1

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